GRP Pipes

SUBOR was founded in 1996 in Turkey to manufacture and sell Glass fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipes worldwide.

Having the privilege of using the Advanced Continuous Filament Winding Technology for over 20 years, SUBOR offers solutions for different infrastructure applications. Its capability and power in full integration to the global competitive environment and quality standards with the help of its installed capacity and human resources, SUBOR has proudly waved its flag in many successful projects in 5 continents and 50 countries since its establishment.

SUBOR provides accurate solutions for a wide variety of projects by manufacturing pipes in a range between 200 mm and 4000 mm in diameter, up to 40 bar pressure and 1.000.000 N/m2 stiffness. SUBOR provides global solutions for piping systems that are insensitive to corrosion and abrasion, waterproof, very resistant, easy to transport and install.

More than 10.000 km of SUBOR Pipes in various applications are serving the development of humankind, worldwide. These applications are given as follows:

  • Drinking water transmission lines and networks
  • Irrigation projects transmission and distribution lines
  • Waste water transfer, treatment plants and sewer lines
  • Storm water lines
  • Raw water intake, discharge and cooling water lines of power plants
  • Transmission and penstock lines of hydroelectric power plants
  • Industrial plants such as desalination, chemical, firefighting systems, etc
  • Renovation of current lines by slip-lining
  • "Jacking" pipes enabling trenchless installation
  • Tank and silo production

Our successful track record and strong experience make us your “GLOBAL SOLUTION PARTNER IN PIPE SYSTEMS."