Pipe Coating

STOPAQ® manufactures and supplies worldwide a broad range of innovative patent defended corrosion prevention solutions. The corrosion prevention and sealant systems actively protect structural objects against the daily risk of corrosion. Due to its fluid-like nature and unique visco-elastic corrosion properties, the STOPAQ® system will protect your valuable assets for life. STOPAQ® systems seal, maintenance free, any substrate 100% from the ingress of water, oxygen, bacteria’s or AC/DC current.

STOPAQ® offers by far the most environmental friendly protection systems in the corrosion protective world. 100% stable, 100% self-healing and 100% adhesion guaranteed:

  • STOPAQ Wrapping band - products are corrosion preventative wrap materials, which adhere extremely well to steel and factory or field applied pipeline coatings.
  • STOPAQ High Impact Shield - wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeves consist of an irradiation cross-linked polyethylene backing and an internal adhesive.
  • SFL End seal Tape - PVC tape to provide temporary protection of the cutback of pipe coated in a pipe coating plant.
  • STOPAQ Through-wall Penetration Sealing - A system for sealing pipe or cable wall penetrations and hollow spaces against water ingress.
  • STOPAQ Paste and Filler products - are a series of mouldable corrosion preventative pastes and fillers used for filling of voids and levelling of irregular surfaces.
  • STOPAQ Underwater & Condensing Surface Tolerant Products - STOPAQ Wrapping band SZ and CL products are corrosion preventative wrap materials, adhering extremely well to wet surfaces such as immersed bare and coated steel or damp surfaces such as sweating lines.
  • STOPAQ® Outerglass Shield XT - Moisture curing fiberglass wrap for mechanical protection of coatings.
  • STOPAQ Casing Filler - is the most effective solution for preventing corrosion of steel pipelines in steel casings.
  • STOPAQ Polyester - is applied on top of STOPAQ corrosion preventing coating systems to provide additional resistance against mechanical impacts, weathering, UV-radiation, and chemicals.
  • STOPAQ Vinyl ester - is an epoxy novolac vinyl ester resin pre-impregnated glass-fiber reinforced outer wrap material, curing by means of Ultraviolet light.
  • SFL rockshield - is a thick polyethylene mesh for protecting pipeline coatings from rocky backfills.
  • Easy-Qote - A series of products including visco-elastic base coat and liquid elastomeric top coats.